Johnson Plumbing SA provides a full range of gasfitting services to meet all of your needs for new or existing gas lines and appliances. Working with gas is dangerous for the layman but our professionals are certified in their field and will handle your installation or repair with ease.

Natural Gas and LPG

Natural and Liquid Petroleum (LPG) gases are used for similar purposes yet have completely different chemical properties. Natural gas is a colourless and odourless fossil fuel which is delivered via pipelines to your home whereas LPG is created during the oil refining process and stored under pressure. LPG is also delivered to the inside of your home via piping.

Since both of these gases are highly combustible, it is always best to use qualified gasfitters like Johnson Plumbing SA when making modifications and suspecting issues with your gas lines. Johnson Plumbing Services has professionals who are certified to work both types of gas.

PLEASE NOTE: Only LPG is available on the Fleurieu.

Supply and Installation

Johnson Plumbing SA offers a full line of energy-efficient hot water systems and heaters for your home. Our service can supply the equipment and perform the installation ensuring you have many years of comfort and security with your investment.

We also install, maintain and perform service on gas appliances. Protect your investment and extend its lifespan by contracting our team to ensure it is in proper working order and performing at maximum efficiency.

Leak Detection and Emergency Repairs

If you suspect you have a leak or require emergency repairs, our technicians are on call for you. Our state of the art equipment will detect the source of the leak and our professionals will ensure the proper repair is made quickly and efficiently, ensuring your safety.


ELGAS is Australia’s number one LPG supplier providing gas for home, business, automobile and BBQ customers. Johnson Plumbing SA is an authorised agentĀ for ELGAS meaning you have rapid and reliable delivery and service for your LPG needs.

We offer a full range of top quality brands in LPG appliances which are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. With our quality installation and service, you can be assured years of worry free usage from your new LPG appliance.

Johnson Plumbing SA

Johnson Plumbing SA is your one-stop shop for all of your gasfitting needs. Whether you are looking to purchase new appliances to maximise your energy efficiency and improve your environmental impact, or are requiring a repair or maintenance to your existing equipment, we have state of the art equipment and technicians for your needs.

As specialists in our field, we supply top quality appliances which will ensure years of comfort. Our friendly staff is prompt and reliable, providing service you can trust. Our technicians are always ready when you have a fear of a leak or require an emergency repair and will arrive on time.

Please call Johnson Plumbing SA today to find out how we can make your home more comfortable, energy efficient and safe.